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- The Thoughts are liberal -




Still a small final remark to the timetables. This diagrams are based on the knowledges of modern science. Thus they are  contradictory to the creatonistic (Lat. creare - to create) views of evolutions time interval, respectively the evolution itself. The creatonism holds the religious view, our universe was created by a superior and also inconceivable creator. The ascertainable scientific methods finding the facts an geology are absolutely insufficient. Now this means, that the evolution of mankind, lasting lots of million of years (like shown in the tables), must be contrary to the diversity of traditional religious scripts. I believe in modern science, not only besed on my scientific professional training , thus I've the considered opinion, in opposite to all trends of creatonism, there's no need of miracle in naturalistic evolution, and the traditional Adam and Eve hardly were representatives of Homo rudolfensis from Family Hominidae. If so, in fact they were representatives of the first species of real human (Hominidae) within the Superfamily Hominidea, and maybe they simply excepted the evolution via Australopithecines..... but what's about the significant morphological differences between Homo rudolfensis and Homo Sapiens ?!?!?!....;-)))


Creation of Adam


Part from the ceiling fresco of the Sistine chapel 1502 - 1512



But this simply is a train of thoughts, arised from my personal conviction and view of evolution.

In any case, there's one fact raised about every doubt -





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