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 Leonaspis:: First examination::              


The Preperation

- Trilobites see the light of Holocene -



Finally, with customs mercy, our midget finished the journey from his Moroccan last home (Hamar Laghdad Formation, Alnif) to Waldbronn in good condition. We assume that, it is about a Leonaspis (Kettneraspis), representative Genera Odontopleuridae (Superfamily. Odontopleuroidea, Burmeister 1843, Order LICHIDA, Moore, 1959).


Matrix pos. neg.

    Negative (spec. left)                     Positive (spec. right )

First visual examination (Positive)

The anterior cephalic border projecting in parts the matrix, whereupon a broader cephalon is to be evinced. Further some typically longer pleural- and pygidial spines are partially exposed. Rachis and right pleura are prominent abounding, still partial coated with rock. Probably the midget has 8 thoracic segments. Cause of the cover, there are no more detailed informations to be mapped at this time.

Further informations will follow before we'll start digging the matrix ;-)))



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