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Arne Felden

Esternaystr. 23b

76337 Waldbronn


Tel. 07243/ 652690


For the limited purpose of the web presence on:


Author in charge

 Arne Felden


Objective of Web Presence


This Internet pages are designed for the limited purpose of information. The content was compiled with reasonable care.

When offering a fossil, this won't be a commercial offer, but items will be sold by collectors for private consumption.


There's no guarantee by author in charge, neither explicit nor implicit, concerning the character also as accuracy of diplayed informations. According to this, the author in charge assumed no liability (responsibility indirect disprofits or imaginary- or loss of sales and profits) in terms of informations and use of this informations.

In case of offending against statutory provision by the contents of, I ask for immediate notification. I'll remove the relevant pages or contents as fast as possible.

Assignment contains references and links to different offers of informations, displayed on servers which are not subject to control and responsibility of the author in charge of The author in charge does not take any kind of responsibility and no warranty for these informations.

Protection of Data Privacy


According to §28 BDSG I disagree any commercial use and circulating of my data.



Copyright and 'Urheberrecht' (German) of the Internet pages of are solely mentioned to the author in charge. Publishing, abstracts for educational, scientific or private use, too, is allowed when using references (if nothing different stated in the notified body placed explicitly). To Commercial use the approval by the author of charge of is required.


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