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Some explanatory References

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Body planes (slices) and isotropic mapping

With the following graphic below, our Proetus sp. demonstrates (reference- sensitive cursor) elementary body planes and isotropic mapping of trilobites anatomy.


Watch the Cursor !


Frontal Layer (Coronal-) - stretched by transverse and sagittal axis; Partitioning into anterior and posterior. Sagittal Layer - stretched by transverse and frontal axis; Partitioning into left and right. Transverse Layer (Axial-) - stretched by sagittal and frontal axis; Partitioning into superior and below. posterior (Lat. posterus, secondary, caudal) - Term of position caudal. anterior (Lat. ante, frontal) - Term of position frontal. dorsalis (Lat. dorsum, back) - Term of direction back side. ventralis (Lat. venter, abdomen) - Term of direction ventral. medialis (Lat. medius, intermedius) - Term of direction mesiad towards median plane (=special case - Sagittal layer dividing invertebrate into moiety (nearly)). lateralis (Lat. latus, lateris side of the body) - Term of direction towards side, abducent from Median layer. cranialis (Gr. cranium) - Term of direction cranial. caudalis (Lat. cauda, tail) - Term of direction caudal. occipitalis (Lat. occipit, back of the head) - Term of direction towards back of the head. rostralis (Lat. rostrum, beak) - term of direction towards nasal tip. Body Planes and isotropic Mapping Proetus sp.




















Body planes:: Facial sutures:: Terminology::


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