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The Geological Era Precambrian

- Genesis of the Blue Planet - Elemental Forces over 2 Aeons -


Logo Precambrian

The Precambrian

Chronostratigraphy of Precambrian


Map Late Proterozoic

The earth Late Proterozoic

(Souce map: © C.R.Scotese, www.scotese.com)


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Survey Precambrian


Evolution of the first invertebrates.

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The eukaryotes (Protozoa with

karyon and chromosomes) emanating from protozoa with missing karyon (prokaryotes). The eukaryotes applying the cornerstone of multicellular life forms

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Dispersion of protozoa (bacteria and blue-green algae).

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Earth's crust cools down. Based on the circulatory of temperature, anabatic gases from earth's surface are cooling down at space (condensation), the resulting fallout and the repeat of this process leading to the temperatures decrease at earth's surface.

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Evolution of a planet..

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