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What's the Feature of the Moment, Eyeballing

the Trilobite Metacanthina barrandei ?



On the one hand it is the enthusiasm about holding an trilobites exoskeletton in perfect condition in the own hands, aged approx. 380 million years.

On the other hand, if one's challenging the circumstance, getting the possibility on holding this exoskeletton in his own hand, thus the actual enthusiasm about this fossil adjusts itself with the real Trilofan at this point. If one's trying to understand the process of fossilisation and geological activities, the last remains of our little invertebrate endured, from the beginning of it's ecdysis or even death, over the completition of its fossil diagenesis and its anewed appearance at cenocoics earth's surface, thus one becomes aware of the fact, that it is far from


everyday's life,


holding this trilobite in the hand.


Following this spirit, me and the fossil invertebrates of Trilobita want to put a part of this fascinating palaeozoic marine mini- invertebrates life to the visitors of our site.





Let's go and have fun

                                quarrying our pages :-)






One of our trilobites- Metacanthina barrandei

Metacanthina barrandei

Representative of Phacopida (Salter, 1864)




Follow the stone leading to the news...


That's new in our benthos....



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A page designed for the first contact between human and trilobites, filled with essential informations and need-to-know around the Class TRILOBITA (Walch, 1771). Don't hesitate visiting this page, even if you are already able to distinguish trilobites rear from its front.

Trace fossils

A small treatise about the life traces of our favourite invertebrates. Interesting insights into the traffic at the Palaeozoic seafloors ; -)



Current preparations and their progress are displayed in this section.


Cabinet (searched)

Sometimes it can occure, that one of our trilobites is looking for a new home. His request will be published on this page.


Literature & Links

If we successfully aroused interest about Trilobites in the visitor of our site, this are the pages where he'll find adequate proposals for further readings, and also relevant links to sources of continuative informations.


Geological Time

An attempt on defining the term "enormousness" considering as periods and chronologies from forces of nature, attending the evolution of life on earth.



The Team :-)

The collaborators of our Palaeozoic benthos introduce themselves.






Our Youngsters, the features writers Sven (11) Dennis (13) and their brother Kai (non det) Burow, have published a brief introduction into their project "Copal", a small introduction into the secrets  of recent fossil resin from Cap d'Ambré (German version).


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the Forum around Geosciences, too :-)



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