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- Traces at the Seafloor -



Palaeozoic seafloor


What are Ichnofossils actually?

(Ichnofossils- (Gr.) footstep, track)


As a matter of principle, ichnology (track analysis) circumstantiates different behaviours of living organisms (recent or fossil). For this, ichnology analyzes the so- called life trails of this organisms. This life trails, also- known as trace fossils, are marks or shapes, engraved to abiotic substrate by organisms manifestations of life, like motion, resting phases or also hunting activities. It's rather possible to ascribe to origin's behaviour than to origin itself. Though similar traces can be created by different species. It's also possible, that identical signs of live, created by a species, may have deviant behaviours in different habitats. Thus allows  very interesting insights on ecology and behaviors of an extincted animal. Regarding our favourite invertebrates, we're especially interested in that exogenous traces at sediments surface, arised from manifestations of life on trilobites normal course of life the ichnofossils.


Trilobite trace fossils


There are lots of of ichnofossil types, that are classified on their part regarding drifferent criterions, thus divided into higher- ranking groups. For description and interpretation of trace fossils, the ethological classification (A. Seilacher, Müller) is consulted. Compared to the sedimental classification, here the classification (11 divisions) results from the behavioral pattern of animals. The behavior patterns of capital importance of trilobites are characterised by the following ichnofossils. The following graphic, abandoned to me by Dr. S. M. Gon III to referring illustration,  THANKS SAM :-), displays the essential behavioral pattern of trilobites:


Essential behavioral pattern of trilobites

Classification of trilobites main trace fossils

Source:  © Dr. S. M. Gon III,  A Guide to the Orders of trilobites




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