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And Theorie of Trilobita

really can be interesting....


Books round the trilobites topic

There are books about Fossilien in throngs. Who wants to to get further informations about the topic trilobites after visiting our web site, I can recommend em the following books regarding to this. I also bought the books listed below,cause of recommodations of experts from the disciplines geology and palaeontology (cause I built my graduate engineer in electrical engineering, I'm moving inside the discipline of palaeontology only as an, enslaved by trilobites, amateur palaeontologist ;-)).

Reference books shall give a corresponding appropriate  knowledge for the reader. The didactic efficiency regarding to this goes, whether one can cope with the author or his style of the explanations or simpler expressed, whether the author suits. Regarding to this, it's my  personal opinion, that one doesn't take risk with purchasing the books listed below.



Richard Fortey


Language: German

Hardback - 336 Pages - C. H. Beck Publishing house
Date of publication: August 2002
Edition: 1. Ed.
ISBN: 3406495923



The internationally successful popular science author Prof. Richard Fortey is leading Palaeontologist at the famous Natural History museum of London and a member of the Royal Society.


This book represents the ideal reading to the lead- in to the topic trilobites. The reader isn't overtaxed with information and facts, which are completely succeeding unbroken one another and in a compressed way, instead he thinks to have an entertaining novel in his hands, written by one of the leading experts in the trilobites field. And while Fortey is reflecting his own career in an entertaining way, reporting about the milestones in research on TRILOBITA, philosphating about fossilization, and doesen't make forget the miniature invertebrates all the time, one' s commiting a variety of information to memory quite unconsciously.


Richard Fortey's TRILOBITEN!



Riccardo Levi-Setti


Language: English
Paperback - 342 Pages - University of Chicago Press
Date of publication: 1. September 1995
Edition: 2. Ed.
ISBN: 0226474526


When opening the book the first time, one is almost bowled over by the high definition macro photos. The systematics of the 'BUTTERFLIES of The SEAS' is explained using meaningful graphics and photographs. Furthermore representatives of the individual families are being introduced relevantly to the affiliated single periods of earth history, using pictures and textes in relaxed presentation (Atlas). Anyhow  this book is impressive because of its photographs.




Einführung in die Paläobiologie, Teil1, Allgemeine Paläontologie

Bernhard Ziegler


Language: German
Stitched - E. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung Stuttgart
Date of publication: 1992

Edition: 5. Ed.
ISBN: 3510653165


This book makes the basics of palaeontology easy understandable even to a palaeontologic rookie. The Fossilisation is handled in detail and finally one  understands what our small invertebrates edured on their way to our cabinets. Furthermore the reader is introduced for the bases of the organic life on the earth in topics like theory of evolution, biostratigraphy, ecology or also biography. The topics are structured and treated clearly and well structured. Through this is any time unite crossways entering into the respective topic possibly.


Allgemeine Paläontologie Teil1



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