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Trilophile and more Experts

- here are their trackways -


Collectors Pages

If me and my Palaeozoic invertebrates successfully aroused somewhat of curiosity at the representatives of these marine invertebrates of TRILOBITA, the following listed sites will be dead right for further informations.


Suceed and have fun while exploring a fascinating world



Flying Harpes


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A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites


This anglophone web page is administrated by Dr. Sam Gon III. You'll find a complete treatise of Trilobites. The visitor is guided via pages by the valid orders of TRILOBITA, their morphology and palaeobiology, didactical famous elaborated. I myself spent endless hours visiting this pages :-)))




This German- speaking web page is administrated by Michael Kipping. As the name implies, TRILOBITA is program. Visiting this very clearly structured and arranged pages, you'll get lots of substantial basic knowledgement around TRILOBITA. Trilobites from Michaels famous collection and various guest collections rounding this great site.

But caution is advised... you're in danger of contracting with TRILOBITAMANIA, by oneselfs reading  ;-)))


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This German- speaking web page is administrated by Heiko Sonntag and Jens Koppka. Though the classification within the orders of TRILOBITA is presented in a high  professional way, it's still easy to understand. More topics are preparation and the identification of fakes. Download of scripts referring to this and other topicse is possible. Visitors of this pages shouldn't forget visiting the forum before leaving.

Logo sauti.de

Zeugen der Evolution

This private German- speaking web page is administrated by Martin Sauter. You'll find a biostratigraphical introduction into evolution. Cause of the famous presentation of the topics, the visitor will be forced for further reading ;-)))

Logo trilotarium.de

Das Trilotarium

This private web page is administrated by Brigitte and Berhard Schoenemann, presented bilingually. In virtual museums form you can find an excursion by the orders of the representatives of our best invertebrates of the Palaeozoic, in doing so the whereby the main focus  is with the Eifel Trilobites of the Middle Devonian. Visiting this page, you should take a stop- over at the Specials page, to observe Leo's recovery. There' a forum , too.

The resulting straight tip by our team - A great place to pause from surfing the Web !

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Mr. B. Bug's Trilobite World


This anglophone web page is administrated by Charlie Ryan from Florida. In fact primary the site is geared towards children, this site is also a recommendation to adults, irrespective of being a freshman regarding Trilobites or even being a trilophile ;-)

The visitor receives an introduction to the topic trilobites by comical presentations. The visitor is demonstrated by various questions, if he has already "digisted" the further readings 8-)

Dealers Recommended

It's safe to say, TRILOBITAS theory is very exciting, but if one's starting to blow his studies in theory, that will lead to soliloquizing and book nuzzling inevitably. And wether eventually holding one's own chin being a conterminant hypostome, not later than one's next visit at the restaurant will raise a real problem ;-)))

To prevent from this symptomatic complex, tactil contact to a real fossil is badly needed :-)))

Referring to this, contacting the dealers listed below, one is counselled at best. And after one's blinked by the schizochroal eyes of a real Trilobite... but that will be another story ;-)))


Logo fossilien.de


This commercial German- speaking web page is administrated by Peter Rüdel. A pleasing spectrum at high grade fossils and minerals is offered at this page. As a matter of course, one's high grade prepared Trilobites are offered, which some items meanwhile placed to my own collection :-)))


Logo fossnet.de


This private German- speaking web page is administrated by Martin Sauter. Here, the visitor can acquire fair priced fossils directly from expert. In addition to Trilobites, one can still find fossils from Solnhofen, ammonites and other high grade fossils.


Logo trifoss.de


This commercial Website is administrated by the Triloexpert Heiko Sonntag (Trilobiten.de). Besides the attractive design, this webshop captivates with its pleasing offers on excellently prepped trilobites. Based on my own experiences I've to remark, that it's nearly impossible to visit this site and to resist this extensive offer  without placing some specimens into the basket.


Logo saharaoverland.com

Sahara Overland

An Anglophone commercial web site. Sometimes one can make an good deal visiting the Hot Deal section. Cause shipping takes place from Tucson (Arizona), one must take customs duty into the total amount of the deal. The following clue is based on my own experiences to customs additional costs. Tariff on private purchase ~150 USD is about ~8 EURO (June, 2004).

Geology & Co.

The following questions came up to everyone indeed:

"How did the ice caps of Southern Gondwana appear at Early Carboniferous ?"

as well as

"Was there a constriction of the ancient oceans separating

Northern America and Europe in the course of Middle Ordovician?"

Answeres referring to this kind of questions and lots of further informations concerning our palaeozoic invertebrates world, are to be found visiting the following sites :-)))


Logo geologieinfo.de

Geologie Info

This private German- speaking web page is administrated by Michael Wegner. Lots of informations are to be found respecting the topics geology,  history of geology/ palaeontology and mineralogy. By the way lots of informations concerning Trilobites habitats, are to be found visiting this site.



Michael Wegners German- English speaking forum Geosciences-Forum.com is providing a comprehensive and clearly structured information platform to the interested visitor around the Geosciences (geography, geology, geophysics, meteorology, mineralogy, paleontology ...).



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