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We Representatives of Trilobita....

- Marine Palaeozoics at Holocene  :-))) -

Time to introduce each other ;-)


We Trilobites of the Waldbronnish Benthos



Meanwhile visiting our site, you've  learned something about the Class Trilobita and our benthic life at that time. We've coped with the  process of fossilisation, withstood incredible natural energies, and within a period of umpteen millions of years, we became part of the earth. Now and here, it's time to introduce us, the primeval representatives of Arthropoda to your juvenile species.  Use the imagemap presented below. By the way, although we have done our very best in studying your Holocenic atlases, it was impossible for us to find Euramerica, Gondwana and the smaller continental areas of our time.... you've to live in a real odd world.

....and the Author of this Site


Still a final remark....



We mentioned this representative of Hominidae in passing, a homo sapiens named Arne, the local webmaster and author of our site. Despite of some strange sutures decorating his cephalon, it's obvious that our janitor hasn't even a real exoskeleton. In addition to this, he's also still convinced about being able moving with only 2 ventral appendixes in a correct way, so he can't be one of us.



Our Janitor



Therefore we won't give further time and attention to him here  ;-)))



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Info Proetus

First choose the formation above,

then follow the trilobite trackway, shown in the frame below...





Trilobites online:

Scotoharpes sp.; Metacanthina barrandei; Zlichovaspis sp.; Paradoxides gracilis (juveniles); Paradoxides gracilis (adult); Brachyaspidion sulcatum; Elrathia kingii (I); Placoparia zippei; Elrathia kingii (II); Cornuproetus cornutus (I); Proetus sp. (I).

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