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- Here are the Benthic News -


01. 01. 2006


We Trilobites and our Webmaster are pleased to be allowed, to welcome you at our site in the new year again :-)))



Particulary the last eventful months of the past year "kept action with us", so domains maintenance as well as its topic preparation had to go back for temporal reasons.


But never mind, in the meantime we tidied and ventilated our benthos, our webmaster has already some, although still somewhat confused idea and various drafts, between the ears again, so that we will present lots of interesting facts of us and our world of the Palaeozoic also in the year 2006 again .


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05. 09. 2005

With the steady growth of our site the clarity is almost exponentially lost slowly but surely. Who already likes to read  text roles with meters in length ;-)))

Therefore the sides are now revised correspondingly gradually. Aim of this revision is the avoidance of "incredibly long" scrollorgies by the topics (as far as possible).

We started with the first topic TRILOBITA, uploaded today (bilingual).


10. 08. 2005

The invertebrate colleagues of our team are now achievable via a new selection menu :-)


08. 08. 2005

The first part of our guestauthor's project 'Copal' from the youngsters Dennis (13), Sven (11) and Kai (non det.) Burow is now online. Visit our 'Special' section.


24. 07. 2005

2 American newcomer, one Busmastus ioxus beyond Calymene celebra, as well as an Ectillaenus katzeri from Czech moved into our benthos:-)))


18. 07. 2005

The move into the new Domain is finished.


20. 06. 2005

The implementation of a new page Trace fossils is finished. Here You'll find a small introduction about the trilobites ichnofossils :-)))


17. 05. 2005

Our second Elrathia kingii ist 'online' :-)




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