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The Cephalon

- The Head Shield of Trilobites -


The Cephalon

As mentioned before, the cephalic (head) shield is subdiveded into several regions.


Cephalon dorsal

Cephalon dorsal

(Zlichovaspis sp.)


The glabella is the significant elevation in the middle of central cephalic shield, occipital bounded by the occipital furrow. Furrows (lateral furrows) are perceptibal on the Glabella, seems this furrows are medial incisting into the glabella extending greater or lesser, thus partitioning lateral lobi. The posterior occipital lobe, adjacent the anterior axis, is called preoccipital lateral lobe.

The cranidium (Gr.- Skull) is formed by Glabella and solid cheeks (Fixigenae). The Cranidium as central part of cephalic shield is restricted from cephalons rest by sutures. The sutures are dividing the glabellas lateral part to the solid cheeks (Fixigenae) already mentioned and free cheeks (Librigenae). The compound eyes (provided as species-specific present) are placed at lateral cheeks area. These eyes are permanently connected with the free cheeks at many of these species.

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